Financial Planning explained

Bridges is on a mission to make financial guidance accessible to all Australians who need it. They are committed to helping our customers, people just like you, better understand your finances and put the right plans in place to realise your goals.

The true value of financial advice

Bridges has witnessed firsthand the remarkable impact financial guidance can have on people's lives, finances, and overall well-being. That is why Australian Mutual Bank has partnered up with Bridges, one of Australia’s largest financial planning companies, to offer you professional financial advice.

By partnering with Bridges and Australian Mutual Bank, you become part of a larger community that prioritises your best interests.

About Bridges

Bridges is one of Australia's largest financial planning companies and has a focus on providing financial advice to the customer-owned banking sector. Bridges has been helping people reach their financial goals for over 35 years.

The Bridges Way

The team at Bridges invests time in understanding clients and their aspirations, collaborating to bring those goals to fruition. They foster transparent and candid dialogues and leverage technology to provide clients with a clear perspective of their financial journey.

How financial advice can help you

  • Cash flow management
    Understanding your financial ‘ins and outs’ so you can track your spending, budgeting, and increase cashflow. Visualise your finances with the Wealth Central tool.
  • Investment services
    Working with our financial planners, gurus and researchers to develop the right investment plans that are unique to you — building wealth and replacing income.
  • Superannuation
    When it comes to your financial future, Super plays a critical role. At Bridges we look to maximise your Super performance, no matter where you are in life, by reviewing strategies, performance, fees and more.
  • Retirement planning
    Whether you’re thinking about retirement or moments away from taking the leap, Bridges can help you understand your income needs and work together to create the right retirement strategies.
  • Personal insurance
    Protecting your family and loved ones starts by looking after the most important thing in life — you. We’re here to make sure lost income is replaced, debt can be repaid, and recovery is swift, if the unexpected should happen.
  • Estate planning
    Putting the plans in place to protect your family and your assets, while taking away unnecessary stresses and financial hardships — ensuring you’re able to support future generations and control your legacy.
  • Aged care support
    Helping you make an informed decision so any move into aged care is as seamless as possible — whether it’s for yourself, your spouse or an aging loved one.

Everyone has different financial needs depending on their life stage and individual circumstances and there is a lot to consider when trying to secure your financial future.

Whether you’re saving for a house deposit, planning for retirement, already have an investment portfolio or are thinking about investing your money, our financial planning partner Bridges may suggest a plan to meet your goals.

Understanding your current financial position with the Bridges Wealth Report

Australian Mutual Bank members who would like a personalised financial well-being report, can do this online using the Bridges Wealth Report platform. The Wealth Report is a complimentary resource designed to provide insights into your current financial standing. Should your circumstances change, the report can be updated as needed.

This report can assist in identifying:

  • Estimated super balance at retirement;
  • Projected income, expenses, and cash flow;
  • Anticipated periods of heightened expenses within your budget;
  • Progress toward your individual goals; and
  • Feasibility of purchasing a new home or undertaking planned renovations.

Before you decide to use the Bridges Wealth Report, please note that:

  • The service ( is owned and operated by Insignia Financial Ltd ABN 49 100 103 722
  • Australian Mutual Bank and Insignia Financial Ltd are independent of each other. Any information you decide to share with Insignia Financial Ltd is confidential to them and is not shared with the Bank
  • Australian Mutual Bank does not provide any opinion or recommendation regarding the information or services provided by Insignia Financial Ltd
  • You should carefully read and understand the Insignia Financial Ltd Privacy Policy, the User Agreement and any other documentation provided by Insignia Financial Ltd
  • All advice provided is only general in nature and does not take into account your personal circumstances. Please consider if the advice provided is appropriate for your needs before making any decision.

To get started with the Bridges Wealth Report, please click the button below and use the coupon code 'AMBWEALTH'.

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Financial Planning is delivered by Bridges Financial Services Pty Limited (Bridges). ABN 60 003 474 977. ASX participant. AFSL 240837. In referring members to Bridges, Australian Mutual Bank Ltd does not accept liability or responsibility for any act, omission or advice provided by Bridges or its Authorised Representatives. Bridges is part of the Insignia Financial Group. The information (including taxation) is general in nature and may not be relevant to your individual circumstances. You should refrain from doing anything in reliance on this information without first obtaining suitable professional advice. Bridges Financial Services Pty Limited (Bridges) Address: The Bond Level 3, 30 Hickson Road Millers Point NSW 2000.