Australian Mutual Bank is conscious of the way in which it uses resources and looks to minimise its carbon footprint.

We are aiming to reduce the environmental impact of our operations through improved efficiency, innovation and increased staff awareness. We have a Sustainability Committee that actively works on measuring and reducing the carbon footprint of all our operations, as well as ongoing education of staff on environmental issues.

Carbon neutrality

Australian Mutual Bank is carbon neutral under the Climate Active certification. The GHG inventory quantifies emissions associated with our direct (Scope 1), purchased electricity (Scope 2) and indirect (Scope 3) emissions associated with our operations. The Climate Active certification marks a significant milestone for the Australian Mutual Bank, and we are committed to continuing to evolve our operations to reduce our carbon footprint and leading meaningful change. 

Renewable Energy


Australian Mutual Bank is using 100% renewable electricity across all of company owned and controlled locations.

Water consumption

As an Australian organisation, we are very well aware of the risks associated with water scarcity due to drought and we are proactively managing the water consumption associated with our operations through best practice approach in operation of our facilities, like eco-efficient water fittings such as low flow aerators on taps and dual flush toilets in our offices. We also communicate regularly to all staff, encouraging them to be resource conscious.


We are committed to minimising paper usage within our offices, as well as materials generated for our members (like statements and marketing materials). We do this by purchasing recycled paper envelopes or carbon neutral paper where possible, encouraging member uptake of digital communication methods, continuous staff education on awareness of printing behaviours and reviewing internal processes that rely on printing. Where possible, recycled paper is used for large quantity printing.


We are committed to minimising the amount of waste generated by our operations as well as reusing and recycling as much waste as possible. Recycling leads to savings in energy, water, carbon emissions and diverts potential resources from landfill.

We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment. Currently we:


*Our eco-friendly debit and credit cards are made from recycled plastic in proportion of 82% (the card body is 99% composed of recycled PVC while the inlay, antenna, magnetic stripe and chip module aren’t made from recycled plastic, as that is not available as an option yet). By using mostly recycled plastic, we’re making the most of what already exists and we ensure that far less plastic is being produced to make our cards.

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